Children of the sun

2015 / current


 Children of the sun was created by Romar de Boer as an attempt to let people experience sides of themselves they have long forgotten. 

The story aims to enlighten the player with important themes and situations faced by our society today. It aims to start a conversation which might be too difficult to have, but nonetheless important.


The page is best experienced on desktop as it has interactive images not available on mobile. 

This is a work in progress

An introduction to the world of Children of the sun

You know how most stories are always about a hero discovering his own worth by defeating the enemy?

This is not that story.

Children of the sun

Is a world building project that uses stealth mechanics in an adventure world.

(Metal gear solid meets Journey)

The story develops in three different time periods in the lands of Surya, a rough land divided in kingdoms

from high up plateaus to deserts to the Dhara lands. Vegetation is sparse, kindness even more so.

Slavery, civil war, inequality of wealth distribution are common sights to behold. 

And you are in the middle of it as a messenger for the resistance. 

You are a nomad using ancient techniques thousands of years old to serve the cause. To balance it all out, to fight the good fight, to be the hero. But will you be?

Welcome to the world of Children of the sun


It all starts in the small village of Sol, in the Dhara region. 

As a small child you carry much responsibility. Your father who is away from home to trade in the big city

is not here to take care of the family. You however make sure there is always food on the table, medicine and that the house is tidy. You and the other kids look for branches over the edge. Dangerous but honorable work. A good bush branch easily keeps the family alive for a week.

Region of Dhara 


The region of Dhara exists out of dry lands and cold winds. 

Dhara stands for edge explaining condition of its people as well as the literal condition of the region. Its true landmark is the clear sharp edge of cliffs having a beautiful view over a landscape of clouds which never seem to fade. Nobody knows exactly what lies below those clouds and those who have tried to explore have not come back. Due to harsh winds and lack of water the edge mainly consists out of dry rock desert. There is grass here and there which is used by llamas to graze upon. Water Sources are found in underground river systems.

To describe the true feeling of this place let me put it like this “ If you were to stand on the edge of the world you feel extremely liberated having a view that never ends while at the same time feeling like a prisoner in their own home, knowing there is nothing more and nothing less beyond this edge”. Behind the edge you'll find a big rocky desert and grass fields till you reach the river far up east which co exists with the sand desert that lies next to it which covers a big part of land in the center of the country. 

The winds that come from beyond the Dhara are the main reason a lot of erosion takes place and the desert is always moving. Rain however never manages to get over the edge leading to clear blue sky most days and generally a dry season all year round. If you follow the edge north it will lead you to the ends of the Atta mountain range and the higher plateau. 

If you follow the edge south it leads you to lush grass fields and steppe. Eventually to the Hari (green)  woods of King Mahiruh (tree). Keep following the never ending edge and you'll come back to the east side of the Atta Mountain range which is where the capitol also resides.




This is a small nomad family, being merchants and often being victim of raiders the nomads have developed technologies which allows them to stay out of trouble. These tents are made in such a way they can take it down or set it up quickly. The cloth itself is modified so that it fits in with different environments. In this case the high up plateau style camouflage. It allows them to hide in plain sight. Depending on where they and need of stealth the tent will have a high roof or a lower one. Generally one tent hosts a couple of sleeping bags and trade ware. Once they pack it up they put their materials on their kite raft and get going.

At the moment of writing there is actually a nomad family residing at the village of Sol ( see above)


Capitol city of Surya

The capitol of Surya is by far the biggest city in the land and hosts all castes of society. From the emperor to nomads, they can be found here. Trade is at its heart but more importantly, political climate is discussed and practiced on this mountain side.


The capito The city is made with one route in mind. You start at the bottom and slowly hike your way up through the main road. People, llama's, guards and what else will walk right beside you. Nomad's tend to avoid these roads as its asking for trouble. Instead they can be found in the back alley's away from piercing eyes. So far the civil war has left this place alone. But it is clear the sentiment towards slaves is growing and some of the upper classes have started picking them up to help around the house.

The emperor has yet to make a decision around these new developments in commerce and trade.


Above you see a dusty attic. The room is being maintained by an older man (roughly 70+)

Who comes occasionally up here to find himself some quiet from the city and his family. 

He still believes in the old ways even though he has made himself a fortune with the automation process of stone cutting. He himself is from a poor family, following his religion is the one thing he has left from that time. 

Since the war broke out and wealth new wealth sources have been discovered the upper class find religion old fashioned and out of date. So he comes up here and paints, meditates and reads his books. 

An easy life you would think.


The black market is a vital aspect of the capitol, many secrets are forged in these places. You too will come here quite often. Hiding in the dark, discussing the future.


 The religion in this world is based around the sun, people practice their faith by decorating their living space with symbolism of the sun. This starts very early on with children drawing direct images of the sun with chalk. Later on more indirect symbolism takes place in the architecture of houses and interior. In this particular scene 2 guards are looking for a member of the resistance. One guard uses his charm to show the man in red that they mean no trouble. The man points towards the direction he saw the rebel go.


Regions of Surya

Each region in Surya hosts a castle to put laws and political decisions into place. The local army can be found here as well as plans and whatever for the future of the region. Its exactly these locations that are being targeted by the resistance to fight against the eastern invading region.


Many of these castles are strategically placed to prevent armies or fighters to come up in hordes. Build on sharp mountain ridges/ sides there is only one way up which can easily be defended. Some of these castles are deemed unreachable. 

Only few know their way in.


Much more to come!

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