House of the wealthy man

Somehow she needed to find this document. Is it upstairs? In his study? She could use the wooden support beams to climb up fast and avoid the stairwell. But that would be to risky, to open. She would have to figure it out soon as the richest man in all of Sol is about to cross her path. And when that happens all hope is lost..


Children of the sun is an interactive experience. As such the concept is designed in such a way it can function for several disciplines within the game production pipeline.

 3d modellers, texture artists, level designers, story writers, lighting artist can all use this concept to their benefit.

 The location itself is made with a "rich" theme in mind. The owner of the house is the wealthiest person in the universe of children of the sun having a huge house built in the middle of the woods. The house has a lot of patterns which you as a player can use to move around unnoticed by enemies, while at the same time using it as decorative elements. Hope you like it!

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