This is a small nomad family, being merchants and often being victim of raiders the nomads have developed technologies which allows them to stay out of trouble. These tents are made in such a way they can take it down or set it up quickly. The cloth itself is modified so that it fits in with different environments. In this case the high up plateau style camouflage. It allows them to hide in plain sight. Depending on where they and need of stealth the tent will have a high roof or a lower one. Generally one tent hosts a couple of sleeping bags and trade ware. Once they pack it up they put their materials on their kite raft and get going.

At the moment of writing there is actually a nomad family residing at the village of Sol ( see above)

Nomads use kites to traverse land fast. The kites are thrown high up in the air and catch wind which allows them to travel anywhere within a relative short time. They have special boards that can be carried anywhere and deployed when needed in only a few seconds. If a nomad family wants to move they generally use a kite carriage, it is a large vehicle that allows the tents and all items within to be stored. Most often they only pack up when they are not welcome in the area no more.

The kite itself can be used as a camouflage design. The pattern on it defines if the nomad can use it in a stealthy situation. For example, if the kite is sewed with a rock pattern in mind the nomad can wrap the kite around themselves to blend in better with the environment allowing them to infiltrate or escape[e tricky situations more easily. Because of tricks like this in recent years the resistance has been recruiting nomads into their troops. More often then not they work alone, and do not share their secrets, however they are incredibly effective at carrying messages across to other troops or collecting intel on enemy lines.

They do this using the S.A.P.R (Southern Alliance Portable Radio). This nifty little machine created by the genius engineer, Zopa Thondup, allows messages to be transferred offline. It carries a boi (cryptic name for information disc) the boi can be played only on the S.A.P.R. The message itself is recorded, stored on boi and played at the destination away from enemy ears. The only way an enemy can intercept the message is if they intercept the messenger. Besides that the machine allows to be connected to radio waves, in case the messenger needs to connect with home base or wants to pick up on enemy frequencies.

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