It all starts in the Dhara lands.

As a small child you carry much responsibility. Your father who is away from home to trade in the big city

is not here to take care of the family. You however make sure there is always food on the table, medicine and that the house is tidy. You and the other kids look for branches over the edge. Dangerous but honorable work. A good bush branch easily keeps the family alive for a week.

Region of Dhara

The region of Dhara exists out of dry lands and cold winds. 

Dhara stands for edge explaining condition of its people as well as the literal condition of the region. Its true landmark is the clear sharp edge of cliffs having a beautiful view over a landscape of clouds which never seem to fade. Nobody knows exactly what lies below those clouds and those who have tried to explore have not come back. Due to harsh winds and lack of water the edge mainly consists out of dry rock desert. There is grass here and there which is used by llamas to graze upon. Water Sources are found in underground river systems.

To describe the true feeling of this place let me put it like this “ If you were to stand on the edge of the world you feel extremely liberated having a view that never ends while at the same time feeling like a prisoner in their own home, knowing there is nothing more and nothing less beyond this edge”. Behind the edge you'll find a big rocky desert and grass fields till you reach the river far up east which co exists with the sand desert that lies next to it which covers a big part of land in the center of the country. 

The winds that come from beyond the Dhara are the main reason a lot of erosion takes place and the desert is always moving. Rain however never manages to get over the edge leading to clear blue sky most days and generally a dry season all year round. If you follow the edge north it will lead you to the ends of the Atta mountain range and the higher plateau. 

If you follow the edge south it leads you to lush grass fields and steppe. Eventually to the Hari (green)  woods of King Mahiruh (tree). Keep following the never ending edge and you'll come back to the east side of the Atta Mountain range which is where the capitol also resides.

The Sandhi houses are typical for this region and are carved out of a singular rock, hence the pieces of stone on the floor. The inside is hollow and hosts often multiple levels and small sections. The people here are poor and spend most of their days farming for wood, food and taking care of their llamas. The rest of the time they spend on honoring the sun. Hence why they live on the edge of the world, to be as close as possible. The kids make chalk drawings to attract good omens and to honor the sun.

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