Children of the sun


Children of the sun was created by Romar de Boer as an attempt to let people experience sides of themselves they have long forgotten.

The story aims to enlighten the player with important themes and situations faced by our society today. It aims to start a conversation which might be too difficult to have, but nonetheless important.

The page is best experienced on desktop as it has interactive images not available on mobile. 

This is a work in progress

An introduction to the world of Children of the sun

You know how most stories are always about a hero discovering his own worth by defeating the enemy?

This is not that story.

Children of the sun

Is a world building project that uses stealth mechanics in an adventure world.

(Metal gear solid meets Journey)

The story develops in three different time periods in the lands of Surya, a rough land divided in kingdoms

from high up plateaus to deserts to the Dhara lands. Vegetation is sparse, kindness even more so.

Slavery, civil war, inequality of wealth distribution are common sights to behold. 

And you are in the middle of it as a messenger for the resistance. 

You are a nomad using ancient techniques thousands of years old to serve the cause. To balance it all out, to fight the good fight, to be the hero. But will you be?

Welcome to the world of Children of the sun

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