The majors house

See here how it was made, why it was made, and what value it brings to the project of Children of the sun


From VR to concept

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The idea of the majors house originates from a Map design. Which I created before.

The mayors house is built on the highest point of the village as well as a water source

The world of Children of the sun exists with a clear border between rich and poor. The majors house is a symbol of a rich man that stands close to the people.


In this case,  the house belongs to a family that has owned it for generations. It was built out of a mountain on top of a water source,  which allows small vegetation to grow. 

The 3d was first built in Gravity sketch, after that I imported it into C4D and textured it which led to a solid render.

Palace_design_dynamic comp.png

The design is made to convert weather conditions,  a color palette and location design for a village. Level designers as well as 3d artists will have solid assets to prototype with.  The building and location itself carry value for the story that will be told. 

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